Australia’s Sustainable Alpaca Industry

The Australian alpaca industry is perceived as the best in the world due to farmer’s hard work over 25 years, with the high demand for Australian alpacas globally reinforcing this fact. Australia’s alpaca farming has earned worldwide respect for its responsible farming approach to make it a genuinely sustainable commercial rural industry.

It is believed that Alpacas were first imported into Australia in the 1850s by the Europeans; however, the recent influx of Alpacas for commercial importations began in the late 1990s. Over 200,000 alpacas were registered in Australia in 2024, resulting in Australia having the largest population outside of South America.

Rewards of the Farm - Is Alpaca Ethical?

Farmers often speak of the many rewards of alpaca farming in comparison to sheep farming. The alpaca’s humble nature makes it easy to handle whilst giving enormous output with fewer resources. Most importantly, their woollen fibre is potentially the most productive to harvest, confirming why farming alpacas is an industry with excellent export opportunity.

Alpacas are much hardier than they may appear and thrive in most parts of Australia. By nature, alpacas are a herd animal and are happiest with other alpacas. Farmed alpacas generally live between 15 to 20 years, and they are shorn once a year. Adding to their intriguing personality, alpacas communicate with ear and tail positions and body postures, make a shrill alarm call when threatened and spit when feeling distressed.

Creswick Woollen Mills Supporting Australian Alpaca Industry

Creswick Woollen Mills understands that the alpaca wool industry is full of opportunity and benefits. We wish to bring the best quality alpaca wool garments to our customers in 2024, with the confidence of complete product satisfaction.

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