Lightweight Summer Blankets

On a hot summer night, remove your normal bedding and by just having a lightweight blanket over you, you will have a perfect night’s sleep, every night.

We have lightweight blankets in both Merino Wool and Alpaca fibre.

Alpaca fibre offers a superior softness and provides the highest level of warmth, while being lightweight - making it the perfect lightweight blanket for summer nights. The unique thermal properties of the Alpaca fibre enable the release of heat in warm conditions, while keeping you warm and cosy during cooler months. The silky soft touch and light weight of an Alpaca blanket is due to partial hollowness of the fibre, making it one of the finest natural fibres. 

As a natural fibre, merino wool can adjust to the body's temperature to not only keep you warm in winter, but also stay cool in summer. The durability of wool means our blankets will stay looking like new year after year and are easy to care for.

Our collection of lightweight blankets features a range of beautiful colours and designs that will complement any bedroom or living room décor.

You can shop in store or online on our Creswick webpage for your lightweight Australian Wool blanket have them delivered Australia wide or Internationally.