Recycled Wool

Just like wool, recycled wool is soft, durable, breathable, and naturally stain-resistant but it is also great for the environment. 

Recycling wool provides a great environmentally sustainable option for pre-loved wool products. Recycled and repurposed products divert wool garments from landfills, save considerable amounts of water needed in the manufacturing process of new wool, and reduce land use for sheep grazing as well as contribute to a reduction of air, water and soil pollution. This will assist in providing a more sustainable future in 2022 and beyond.

Simply put, ‘recycled wool’ means that in a previous life, your recycled wool picnic blanket or picnic rug may have been an old Creswick woollen cardigan or a pair of our woollen socks!

Old garments, blankets, and offcuts from mills are collected, sorted into colour groups, and then shredded, spun, and amalgamated into new yarn. Once woven, this creates the new recycled products we all love!

Instead of using new Merino Wool to make picnic blankets and rugs, recycled wool gives a new purpose to existing, natural fibre products.

Recycled and reused products are more sustainable and eco-friendlier due to the reduction in waste during production. Also, due to it being through a more rigorous life cycle than new wool, recycled wool is tougher for activities like picnics, watching winter sports and numerous summer outdoor adventures!