Care Instructions for Alpaca Wool Products

Can Alpaca wool be washed? Following the correct care instruction will add years to your product and keep its soft and luxurious feel. Here is the best way to look after your Alpaca products in 2024!

Care Instructions for Alpaca Homewares

Alpaca Quilts

Dry clean only and air quilt regularly in the sunlight.

Alpaca Blankets & Throws

Dry clean only, air regularly, and only cool iron if required.

Alpaca Pillows

Fluff pillows daily and air regularly. Hand wash gently with mild wool-approved detergents using warm water. Remove excess water by squeezing the pillow firmly and allow the pillow to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Alpaca Garments and Accessories

Creswick Woollen Mills are experts in how to properly care for different styles of alpaca wool garments and accessories. There are two primary styles of alpaca wool garments, being woven and knitted – with these two types of garments being cared for in vastly different ways.

Before washing or cleaning your alpaca garment, Creswick Woollen Mills strongly advises you to consider the care instructions on the inside label of the product, further indicating if the garment is either knitted or woven and how to maintain it properly.

Woven Alpaca Garments

Regarding our range of woven alpaca garments – a reputable dry cleaner is recommended.

Please take any labels or swing tags that contain fibre information or care instructions to your dry cleaner to ensure all cleaning and care processes are properly fulfilled and that the woven alpaca product is not damaged or misshaped.

Knitted Alpaca Garments

In comparison to our woven range of alpaca garments, our knitted garments include a slightly different process to properly caring for garments.

Our alpaca knitted garments and accessories can be hand washed in cool water with a wool wash or a mild shampoo. Then rinse thoroughly with water of similar or the same temperature.

Make sure to not wring or twist the knitted garment. This is due to the alpaca fibre being at its most fragile whilst wet, with the main cause of shrinkage or felting being the temperature change and agitation of the product in this state.

The steps to avoid damaging your wet knitted alpaca garment:

  • Carefully support the wet garment while laying it on top of a dry towel.
  • Push the water from the garment by rolling up the towel and squeezing the water into the towel.
  • Reshape to original dimensions while drying.
  • Smooth by hand whilst wet to remove wrinkles and straighten the seams and facings.
  • Air-dry the garment on top of a dry towel, laid on a flat surface that is not in direct sunlight.

You may cool iron at a low temperature setting when required. Please never place alpaca knitwear on hangers as the garment can stretch out of shape.

Alternatively, you may also have your knitted Alpaca garments dry cleaned.

Alpaca wool enhancing Creswick Woollen Mills’ reputation

Creswick Woollen Mills are well known in Australia and worldwide, and we know our Alpaca collection will enhance our reputation. Our Alpaca range will give our customers beautiful products that will bring warmth and gentleness into their lives along with our wool, possum and cashmere collections. We are proud to use Australian Alpaca wool in our stores, and we hope you will soon be a proud owner of an Australian Alpaca product in 2022!

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