Linen Clothing

Adding a casual elegance to your wardrobe, linen clothing conjures images of lazy summer days strolling the Hamptons, or an equally fashionable alternative. 

Linen has cemented its place in high-end casual fashion for a reason – its timeless style and understated elegance makes it the perfect choice for an effortlessly sophisticated wardrobe staple.

Creswick’s linen clothes have been designed with our signature care and consideration. The unique qualities of linen fibres make it the perfect choice for our range of high-quality clothing such as dresses and shirts. It has a natural lustre and is strong and durable, so you can wear your Creswick linen dress time and time again. Linen clothing also draws heat away from the body, keeping you cool even on warm days.

With our range of flattering styles and colours, you are sure to find the perfect item to complete your summer wardrobe. You can browse our linen collection and a lot more woollen clothing, accessories and homewares in-store or shop online at our Creswick webpage for our linen clothing Australia wide!