Wool Fire Blankets

Our premium quality personal protection fire blankets are more than just an ordinary woollen blanket. These wool fire blankets have been engineered with a blend of Aramid; a fire retartant material to assist in protection against a fire.

Creswick’s flame-resistant wool fire blanket is an essential item for anyone living in a fire prone area. Keep a wool fire blanket in your home and car for peace of mind, knowing you can protect yourself and your family. In the unfortunate case of a fire, our Wool Fire blanket can be used to help extinguish small flames or to wrap around yourself for personal protection.

We have high quality wool fire blankets for sale for personal use. Our wool fire blankets with a blend of Aramid are used by the Country Fire Authority Victoria and the Rural Fire Service New South Wales, so you can be confident in their quality and protection. For more information about our Wool and Aramid Personal Protection Blankets, read How to Stay Safe During A Bushfire & Why Aramid is Used in Wool Fire Blankets.

For the comfort of knowing you can protect yourself and your family in a fire, buy a wool fire blanket today.

You can shop in one of local stores throughout Victoria or purchase your wool fire blanket online, Australia wide. You can also discover more woollen homewares from our Creswick webpage today.