What is GSM?

At Creswick Woollen Mills, we are the experts on natural fibres in 2022. This is our reputation, so understandably we are frequently asked questions regarding the GSM on all our woollen homewares such as blankets, quilts, and throws. So, if you’re here for answers… you’ve come to the right place!

GSM Explained

GSM is a metric measurement which stands for Grams per Square Metre. It is used to determine how much 1 square metre of fabric weighs. To provide further insight, the higher the GSM is in weight, the denser the fabric will be.

However, this does not necessarily mean a fabric with a high GSM is warmer than an alternative, light weight fabric. There are factors that affect the warmth of a blanket or quilt other than GSM, with the microns of the fibre mostly determining warmth. You can learn more about microns here.

To give you an example, our Alpaca Wool Blankets are 320gsm, and our Fine Merino Wool Blankets 400gsm – however, our Alpaca Wool Blankets have a better warmth to weight ratio due to the unique properties of the alpaca fibre and are warmer despite the lighter weight and feel than the merino wool option.

What is the best GSM for me?

Now that’s a hard question because it is an individual choice. For a better idea on the GSM of our woollen homewares, check out our guide below:

150 – 250 GSM

These products are lighter and cooler, well suited to hot sleepers or when you give need a little warmth. In order to reduce the GSM, you may find a fibre combination that includes cotton and alpaca which is ultimately light weight, breathable and will offer warmth on cooler days without overheating you during the warmer months.

250 – 400 GSM

Our middle weight blankets and quilts offer you year-round comfort and sleep. For example, our Essential Merino Wool Blankets are 400gsm – providing natural insulation and all the breathability of 100% Merino Wool fibres, all whilst remaining light. Additionally, one of our lighter quilts is the 300gsm 100% Alpaca Light Quilt – which is suited for the perfect nights sleep in warmer climates.

400 – 500 GSM

Offering luxury, our high GSM quilts are designed to keep you warm in winter with a heavier feel. Creswick’s range of alpaca fibre quilts are perfect for colder climates and cold sleepers. For reference – our ultra-luxurious, 100% Alpaca Regal Dual Quilt offers superior warmth when compared to wool and is the perfect quilt no matter the weather. This quilt offers innovation through combining a 300gsm and 200gsm quilt, for customisable comfort all year round. Simply fasten the buttons to create a 500gsm quilt for winter or separate the quilts for your choice of lighter weight options.

Start 2022 the right way… follow our GSM tips and get that perfect blanket or quilt from Creswick Woollen Mills today!

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