Experience the ultimate luxury and comfort of Australian Made alpaca wool quilts, a unique and high-quality bedding option perfect for the discerning homeowner. Enjoy the unparalleled softness, warmth, and breathability that only alpaca fleece can provide.

Alpaca Fleece – A Unique Fibre

Alpacas are beautiful and intelligent animals, highly prized for their superior quality fleece. The unique characteristics and qualities it boasts deliver a level of luxury that is truly second to none. It’s no wonder, then, that alpaca fleece is in high demand for fashion and homewares the world over. So what does that mean for you? It means that there’s no better time than now to experience the difference for yourself with an alpaca wool quilt from Creswick.

Discover the Benefits of Alpaca Quilts

Creswick’s exceptional alpaca fleece quilt range offers the ideal balance of comfort and style that you expect from high-quality bedding. So why choose an alpaca doona over other natural fibres? There are numerous benefits.

  • One of the major benefits of alpaca fleece is its semi-hollow structure. It makes your alpaca duvet an excellent insulator against the winter chill, yet provides much-needed breathability in warmer conditions. The perfect year-round bedding solution.
  • Alpaca wool quilts are unexpectedly light, enabling them to provide incredible warmth all while never feeling heavy or suffocating. As a highly breathable natural fibre, alpaca fleece is ideal for quilts, offering a cosy and snug environment without causing you to overheat.
  • But don’t let the lightness fool you; alpaca quilts are highly durable and are better able to withstand natural wear and tear than other doona options.
  • For people with sensitive skin or allergies, finding the right duvet or doona can often be a bit of trial and error. Thankfully, the natural absence of lanolin in alpaca wool means it’s a hypoallergenic fibre, meaning an alpaca fleece quilt is less likely to result in unwanted itchiness or skin irritation.

There’s nothing like being tucked up under the perfect doona to wash away the stresses of a long day or the chill of a cold morning. Discover these benefits - lightness, durability, breathability and year-round comfort - for yourself. Discover the best alpaca quilt range in Australia, here at Creswick.

Alpaca Doonas - The Ideal Bedroom Addition

Experience the luxury of Creswick’s Australian Made alpaca doonas, the perfect addition to any Australian bedroom. We offer a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find the ideal quilt to match your comfort needs.

Whether you're looking for a lightweight and breathable alpaca doona for warmer nights or a heavier, warmer quilt for colder months, you'll find the perfect option in our collection.

Nothing compares to the comfort and warmth of being enveloped in a high-quality alpaca quilt after a long, tiring day. Allow yourself to relax and unwind with the finest alpaca quilts Australia has to offer.

Why Choose A Creswick Alpaca Duvet?

Explore our selection of alpaca wool duvets in Australia, each offering unparalleled softness and comfort. Our premium-quality Australian Made alpaca duvets are designed to provide a restful and cosy night's sleep.

Creswick’s alpaca duvet collection stands out from the pack for many reasons. For over 75 years, our name has been synonymous with superior product comfort and design. Our Australian Made complete range of alpaca doonas for sale is made right here in Australia and uses 100% Alpaca Fleece. .

The same values that underpinned the establishment of Creswick back in 1947 remain true as ever now. We’re committed to innovation, excellence and meeting the year-round needs of our customers, and these are all reflected in our alpaca duvet range.

Helpful Alpaca Quilt Care Instructions

Creswick alpaca doonas are among the most luxurious and comfortable quilts Australia-wide. Proper care and maintenance of your alpaca wool quilt will give it the best chance of keeping its luxury and comfort for as long as possible.

Always follow label recommendations when cleaning. First and foremost, alpaca wool quilts should only ever be dry-cleaned and aired in sunlight. Avoid machine washing, as it can damage the alpaca fibres.

If your doona requires deeper cleaning, look for a professional service with experience in cleaning alpaca wool quilts. Store it in a cool, dry place, and refrain from using harsh chemicals.

By sticking to these care instructions, your bedding will maintain its warmth and comfort for many years.

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No matter what type of alpaca down quilt you’re looking for, whether something light and breathable for the warmer months of the year or simply something to get you through a chilly winter, you’re sure to find it among the Creswick range.

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Wrap an alpaca and wool quilt around yourself, and you’ll feel like you’re getting a warm, comfortable hug. For the best alpaca wool quilt Australia-wide, explore the Creswick range today!