Alpaca Quilts

Experience deluxe comfort live never before, when you wrap yourself in a luxurious alpaca quilt from Creswick. Made from the softest of natural fibres, alpaca quilts are rapidly becoming a favoured bedding choice among Australians for their lightweight nature and unparalleled warmth. Here at Creswick, we appreciate just how valuable a good night’s sleep really is, and believe that our alpaca doonas are one of the best tools to help you get those treasured eight hours. Not only are our quilts immaculately designed and crafted, but their natural breathability provides you with optimal comfort without overheating. 

Whether you're familiar with alpaca bedding or are exploring for the first time, our collection of quilts promises to take your sleep to the next level. Discover for yourself! 

Benefits of Alpaca Quilts

Alpaca quilts are enjoying a boom in popularity across Australia for a number of reasons. Above all, they provide incomparable warmth and insulation. This enables you to enjoy the comfort you crave on a cold night without dealing with the weight that comes with conventional bedding. The innate breathability of Creswick’s alpaca fibre quilts offers better airflow, so even on warmer nights you can still enjoy maximum comfort without throwing the quilt off in a mid-sleep daze. 

In addition, quilts made from alpaca fibres can be a godsend for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic properties of alpaca fleece ensure a peaceful sleep free of itchy skin and other irritations. There’s no better time than now to feel the difference for yourself – buy an alpaca quilt online or in store today. 

Give The Gift of a Luxurious Alpaca Quilt

When you’re looking for a thoughtful birthday, housewarming or simple “token of appreciation” gift for that friend or family member that seemingly has everything, a deluxe alpaca quilt is the ideal choice. Creswick’s collection of alpaca quilts delivers luxury, quality and comfort in spades, and gifting one to that special person in your life will speak volumes of the care you have for them. Among the various designs, styles and sizes within our deluxe range, you’re sure to find something that appeals to just about anyone. Explore our range and find the perfect gift that lasts and will make the recipient’s home feel as warm and inviting as the quilt itself. 

Caring for Alpaca Doonas

Just like any cherished possession, your alpaca doonas deserve the utmost care to preserve their warmth and softness for as long as possible. With some gentle maintenance, these luxurious bedding items, crafted from the finest alpaca fleece, will last the distance. 

To keep your alpaca quilt feeling and looking fresh, Creswick recommends giving it a mild shake and occasional airing out in the sunlight. Should you need to wash the quilt, the only method we suggest is dry cleaning. 

If ever in doubt, always follow the specific instructions on the product. With the right attention and care, you enjoy your alpaca bedding for as long as possible. 

Alpaca Quilt Variety and Selection

Creswick recognises that the bedding needs of Australians are unique, whether it’s due to climate conditions or personal tastes. Our range of alpaca quilts reflects and accommodates those unique needs to ensure that you’ll find something that ticks all your essential boxes. 

Whether you want a lightweight quilt to suit a balmy summer night, or you’re looking at heavier alpaca quilts for the chilly winter months, you’re sure to find something that caters to every need. We also offer a vast array of designs and sizes to complement almost any bedroom decor. 

Explore Our Quality Range Of Alpaca Quilts Online

When it comes to furnishing and decorating our homes, Australians understand the value of quality and style. This is especially true of our bedding choices. Creswick’s collection of alpaca doonas online and instore perfectly cater to the comfort and quality needs of Australians across the country. We provide fast nationwide delivery with FREE shipping for all orders over $150. 

From Falls Creek to Fremantle, Port Arthur to Port Douglas and everywhere in between, explore our deluxe collection of quilts online and wrap yourself up in next-level comfort and luxury.