Summer and Lightweight Quilts

As summer hits and the nights get warmer, it’s essential to have the right bedding for the most comfortable night’s sleep. That typically means doing away with the heavy quilt you might use during winter. But for those nights where you want something more than just the bed sheet for cover? Enter Creswick’s quality range of wonderful summer quilts. 

Our collection of lightweight quilts delivers the comfort you crave on a balmy summer night without the heaviness that gets in the way of a good night’s sleep. Designed with breathability and lightness in mind, our summer quilts guarantee you’ll enjoy maximum comfort without overheating. Explore our complete range and discover the perfect bedding for summer right here!

Why Choose a Summer Quilt?

Sure, Australian summers are often about barbecues and beach trips. But when it comes to getting a good night’s rest, summer is also about making sure our homes are as comfortable as possible - bedding included. 

Most of us typically use the same bedding all year round, no matter what the season. But the rugs and quilts we tuck ourselves into in the winter may be too heavy to serve us well in the summer. This can lead to restless sleep patterns that can affect us the following day. Thankfully, with Creswick’s summer quilts, you can pack up the heavyweight winter bedding and make the bed with a lightweight, breathable summer-friendly alternative. Why not experience the difference for yourself and explore our collection of lightweight quilts online. 

What Makes a Good Summer Quilt?

When deciding on the ideal lightweight quilt for summer, it certainly helps to understand the unique properties that make it perfect for warmer nights. Here’s a general idea of what makes for a quality summer quilt. 

  • Lightweight design and construction: This prevents the quilt from being too stifling and heavy on a warm night. 
  • Breathable materials: Fabrics like cotton alpaca fleece allow for better airflow.
  • Moisture-wicking: Necessary for drawing away sweat and keeping a cool feel.
  • Looser weave: Aids in preventing the trapping of excessive heat under the covers.
  • Less dense filling: You still enjoy the comfort you want without the overheating you don’t. 

Knowing these characteristics, all of which feature in Creswick’s lightweight quilts, you're set to enjoy a refreshing sleep throughout the summer months.

Summer Quilt Maintenance and Care

No matter what the season, if there’s one thing you want from a quilt, it’s warmth. That is just as true of summer quilts as it is for their winter equivalents. So, to preserve the level of warmth and comfort that your summer quilt provides, it’s essential that you give it the same TLC that it gives you. 

Creswick always recommends always following the care label of your lightweight quilt when it comes to washing and drying instructions. Some may instruct you to dry clean them only, while others may offer different directions. To dry your lightweight quilts, always hang them out in the open air to dry. When the time comes to pull out the heavier bedding once again, store your lightweight quilts in a dry, cool spot. 

With proper care, your summer quilt will remain a bedtime favourite for years to come.

Lightweight Quilts Make The Perfect Gift Option

When it comes to gift-giving, there’s something satisfying about giving the gift of comfort and warmth. And that’s precisely what your recipient will enjoy with one of Creswick’s lightweight quilts. 

Our summer quilts make for the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Whether it’s a Christmas or birthday gift, something from the wedding registry – or even just a simple token of appreciation – our lightweight quilts ensure the person receiving the present will enjoy a solid sleep in serene comfort. 

If you’re tired of resorting to gift cards every time a birthday comes around, and you want to give something that highlights your consideration and care for your loved one, choose a deluxe summer quilt from Creswick. 

Shop Now and Put An End To Sleepless Summer Nights

If there’s a right time of the year to invest in your sleep, it’s arguably summer. And with Creswick’s collection of lightweight summer quilts, you’re sure to enjoy the good night’s sleep that sets you right for the following day. 

Explore our range of lightweight quilts online and instore. Creswick delivers Australia-wide and offers free shipping for all orders over $150. So put an end to those sweaty, sleepless summer nights and explore our full range of Quilts online now!