Huacaya and Suri Alpaca Wool

Alpacas originate from the South American mountain range, the Andes; however, in 2022 they are farmed worldwide for their soft wool. Alpacas’ body shape and distinctive long necks make it no surprise that they are relatives to the renowned llama and are the smallest members of the camel family.

Alpacas are social mammals with a curiosity about them. Their gentle nature makes alpaca farming appealing, along with their prized woollen fibre that has been fundamental to Andean native’s existence for centuries and essential to Latino artisan’s craft.

Difference Between Huacaya and Suri Alpaca Wool

There are two breeds of Alpaca, with their woollen coat’s length and fineness, the main noticeable difference between them.


Huacaya is the more common breed of Alpaca and has a fleece style similar to that of a sheep. Their woolly exterior grows outwards from the skin resulting in a rounded body shape. Its distinct crimp and staple definition characterises Huacaya’s short fibre, also displaying brightness in its various colours. Huacaya fibre is soft to handle and has a wide range of uses, from luxury suiting fabric, through knitwear to quilts and blankets.


Suri is the rarer alpaca and has a fleece that hangs in long, twisted locks from a centre parting down the backline, giving this type of alpaca a much more flat-sided appearance. Its long independent lock structure distinguishes the Suri, and with its silky touch, the coat drapes exquisitely. Suri fibre is becoming increasingly popular and is mostly used to produce luxurious brushed fabric and lustrous yarn.

Creswick Woollen Mills Supporting Australian Alpaca Industry

Creswick Woollen Mills understands that the alpaca wool industry is full of opportunity and benefits. We wish to bring the best quality alpaca wool garments to our customers in 2022, with the confidence of complete product satisfaction.

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