10 Reasons to Fall in Love With the Australian Wool Picnic Rug Again

It’s always picnic season in Australia… and 2022 is the year of the picnic!

Here are 10 reasons why you should grab the rug and get out there in 2022… if you need convincing.

1. Reconnect With Nature

Breathe in fresh air and feel Australian wool under your hands and feet again, wherever you are across this nation’s vast and rich lands… or at least dream of doing so when you can.

2. Explore Australia

This is a country with white sand beaches and snowy mountains, tropical rainforests, lavender fields and arid deserts. There is so much to explore. And with a picnic rug on board, you can pitch up anywhere, don your akubra and admire Australia – with a jam tart and a flask of tea.

3. Get Close Again

It’s not a call to action you’ve heard too much of late, but we’re social creatures – and we miss human connection. Sharing a 180 x 145cm wool picnic rug with a friend or three means you have to get close. There’s something so beautiful about laying down a rug and jumping on together.

4. Slow Down

Picnic rugs make you sit or lie down – they are like helicopter landing pads! Not many cues in our busy lives force us to slow down any more. So feel the soft fabric on your skin and take some time out for you. Maybe even close your eyes for a moment. A change in environment and shift of headspace can release tension and stress.

5. Food Tastes Better

There’s something so wonderfully indulgent about grazing slowly through an esky full of food and drink on a picnic rug. It’s literally the icing on the cake, especially when the rug is easy to clean!

6. Nostalgia Wrapped in a Blanket

Picnic rugs are always present at significant moments; proposals, late nights under stars, first baby steps, a personal epiphany or just a catch up with family and friends. So pull out the rug; remember and recount stories; share, laugh, cry – and feel energised.

7. Make New Memories

By organising a picnic and laying down a rug or blanket, you create a tangible moment in time where memories – like those recounted above – are created and cherished, again and again. It’s easy to send an SMS, WhatsApp or email, or even to call a friend who lives nearby, but to go for a walk and share a picnic; those are unforgettable moments.

8. Convenience

We fill our lives with stuff, and sometimes it’s not easy to carve out a whole afternoon on a picnic rug. But if you always carry one in the car – or you lay it in your backyard for 20 minutes of sun – there’s always time to appreciate quality Australian wool.

9. Treat Yourself

That picnic rug you never use? The one that’s tattered and dusty. Get rid of it and invest in the modern version of a quality Australian icon; a quintessential childhood relic – the Billabong picnic rug or fringed picnic blanket, available online or in stores nationwide.

10. Support Australian

Creswick Wool is proudly Australian-owned, with a 75 year heritage in textile expertise. In 2022, Creswick owns the only coloured woollen spinning mill of its kind in the country, and it remains a huge employer and supporter of the local community in country Victoria. For full transparency, the Billabong rug is woven overseas, but the point of origin is strong, hearty Aussie wool – high-quality, durable natural fibres – which are perfect for a picnic rug or blanket.

Check out our full range of Billabong Picnic Blankets and Picnic Rugs.

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