The Manufacturing Process of Creswick Woollen Mills Blankets and Throws

How blankets are made? In 2024, your wool’s manufacturing process can also dictate how well it will wear or how easy it will be to care for. At Creswick Woollen Mills, we use our 75 year experience with critical processes to manage the manufacturing processes at Mills around the world. We then welcome visitors to the Mill to view the cutting and finishing of  wool or alpaca blended blankets and throws. The following is the full manufacturing process including:

Sourcing Raw Material

Raw Material is sourced in Australia from graded merino wool fibres (or blends), depending on the product being manufactured.


Once the fibre type is selected, the carding machine mixes and prepares fibres for spinning into yarn. It is vital to ensure that the mix of materials is robust and suitable for the next stage of manufacturing.


Spinning is the process of twisting fibres together. Long fibres are used to bind the fibres together.


Once spun, the yarn is then put through a weaving machine. This machine is programmed depending on the type of yarn being woven into a final product, either a blanket or throw rug.


This important step is a washing process to tighten the weave of the fabric. This is done through winding blankets around big cylinders. During this process, the wool fibres are locked closer to each other with warm water and friction. Fabric at this stage will also shrink to its actual size.


Blankets or throws are then dried and raised. The raising machine brushes the fabric, resulting in a softer hand feel.


Blanket Manufacturing Process

The final stage of the creation features the blankets and throws being cut into individual pieces and finished into various options such as satin binding, whipstitching or fringing for throw rugs. Care labels are then sewed on, and the product is folded beautifully and packaged, ready for purchase.

Source the finest Australian made wool at Creswick Woollen Mills

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From Creswick, approximately 120km outside Melbourne, our wool is made from only the finest materials, offering superior quality and innovation. In 2022, Creswick Woollen Mills are passionate about delivering unbeatable quality, so view our full range of products today and find a wool piece you’ll love that will last for many years to come.

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