The Benefits of Sleeping with Wool

Discover the benefits of sleeping with wool.

Wool is one of the most breathable and absorbent natural fibres available in 2022, suitable for use across all seasons. Warmer in winter and cooler in summer, the Australian merino wool used by Creswick Woollen Mills uses in homewares such as blankets and throws, is lighter in weight than traditional wool homewares.

The warmth of our blankets are enhanced by a finer micron which acts as a superior insulator compared to heavy blankets.

Wool properties can also react to changes in the body’s temperature. The natural crimp in wool works insulation by trapping body heat in air pockets. By maintaining a drier microclimate, wool keeps you warmer for longer.

Wool has highly absorbent properties and can release moisture up to 30 times more than synthetic fibres, such as polyester. This is due to the hygroscopic nature of fine merino wool fibre.

The lightweight 400gm fabric in fine merino wool blankets proves beneficial in maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature for any season.

Australian wool clothing at Creswick Woollen Mills

Located in Creswick, approximately 120km outside Melbourne, Creswick Woollen Mills remains a longstanding wool retailer in Australia. Our products are made from only the finest materials, all delivered via a range of sophisticated designs.

We have a reputation for superior quality and innovation, along with products that are uniquely Australian. In 2022, Creswick Woollen Mills has become a household name not only in Australia but around the world as well. We are passionate about our products and ongoing research and are dedicated to delivering exclusive designs and unbeatable quality.

View our full range of products today and find yourself something that will last a lifetime.

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