Why we use Wool at Creswick Woollen Mills

The primary reasons we value using wool here at Creswick Woollen Mills.

Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable product which is grown by approximately 70 million sheep all year round. Unlike synthetics, Merino wool is produced with a simple mix of water, fresh air, grass and sunshine.

As a renewable natural fibre, wool is also 100% biodegradable. Unlike synthetic microfibres, merino fibres do not contribute to plastic microfibre in the ocean, which occurs each time synthetics are put through a washing cycle.

In 2024, wool is an integral part of Creswick Woollen Mills’ sustainability mission and is a responsible choice for conscious customers supporting a low carbon impact.

Australian made wool clothing at Creswick Woollen Mills

Located in Creswick, approximately 120km outside Melbourne, Creswick Woollen Mills remains a longstanding wool retailer in Australia. Our products are made from only the finest materials, all delivered via a range of sophisticated designs in 2024.

In 2024, we have a reputation for superior quality and innovation, along with products that are uniquely Australian. Creswick Woollen Mills has become a household name not only in Australia but around the world as well. We are passionate about our products and ongoing research and are dedicated to delivering exclusive designs and unbeatable quality.

View our full range of products today and find yourself something that will last a lifetime.

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