Creswick Woollen Mills Australian Alpaca Wool Homewares, Apparel and Accessories

Alpaca Homewares

Creswick’s 2024 homewares range includes light and super-warm quilts, soft and colourful alpaca blankets and stylish and trendy throw rugs, weaving alpaca wool.


Are Alpaca Quilts good? Alpaca blankets provide excellent insulation, and the thermal properties in Alpaca fibre help with warmth during winter but release heat in the warmer months.

Throw Rugs

100% Alpaca fibres throw rugs are soft and lightweight. Our many designs are lovely and bright and minimise the change in temperature to keep you comfortable.


Are alpaca quilts good?

Alpaca wool quilts give the perfect night sleep, no matter the weather. Our innovative quilt designs offer sleeping luxury and superior warmth.


Alpaca pillows are soft and supportive to help you sleep in peace, with the added breathability making it an excellent product.

Floor Rugs

Alpaca floor rugs are naturally water repellent, and with superior thermal properties, the Alpaca fibre traps air within itself, which brings warmth into the home.

Baby Blankets

The softness and durability of Alpaca wool make it a perfect option for baby blankets.

Alpaca Apparel and Accessories

Do alpacas have wool or hair?

Alpaca wool fibre is renowned for high tensile strength, durability and is ideal for apparel, knitwear and accessories, such as shawls, scarves, hats, gloves and socks.


Are alpaca wool socks warm? The Alpaca wool in our socks draws moisture away from the skin, leaving your feet dry, warm and comfortable and are made to suit the Australian lifestyle.



100% Australian Alpaca pile scarves are the perfect accessory for the colder months. They are made from elegant natural fibres and are a simple way to stay warm and stylish.


Stylish Alpaca booties are ideal for keeping your feet warm around the house and makes for a cosy night when partnered with an Alpaca wool blanket.


An alpaca woollen coat is a stunning statement piece to wear throughout winter. The Australian designed coat is available in black and white.

Alpaca wool enhancing Creswick Woollen Mills’ reputation

Creswick Woollen Mills are well known in Australia and worldwide in 2022, and we know our Alpaca collection will enhance our reputation. Our Alpaca range will give our customers beautiful products that will bring warmth and gentleness into their lives along with our wool, possum and cashmere collections. We are proud to use Australian Alpaca wool in our collection, and we hope you will soon be proud owners of an Australian Alpaca product.

Where to buy Alpaca wool? View our full range of products today and find yourself something that will last a lifetime.

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