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Creswick Mill

Creswick Mill

Looking for the perfect “close enough to but also just far enough out of Melbourne” getaway location, or perhaps the perfect stopover spot as you make your way into Victoria’s capital? Discover the charming town of Creswick, located just 90 minutes from Melbourne and just a hop, skip and jump away from Ballarat and Daylesford. And while you’re here, drop in and say hi to us here at the Creswick Woollen Mill as well! 

Not only will you get to enjoy some great food and experience an enduring part of Victoria’s rich history, but you’ll also be able to buy some of the most luxurious woollen blankets, clothing and homewares as well. 

Discover The Enchanting Appeal and History of Creswick

With its population of almost 3300 people, the town of Creswick radiates with the charm of its rich Gold Rush history. Originally the land of the Dja Dja Wurrung people, Creswick transformed into a bustling hub during the peak of the gold rush era. Along with nearby towns like Ballarat, it forged a legacy of historic significance that it upholds to this day. 

Nowadays, the region stands as a pioneer in reforestation and forestry education in Victoria, blending its historical roots with environmental consciousness. This picturesque town keeps one eye always looking to the future, all while inviting tourists to look back and experience a blend of natural beauty, historical richness, and cultural heritage. It’s also the birthplace of renowned artist and author Norman Lindsay, writer of the iconic Australian classic The Magic Pudding. 

Explore the Town’s Architectural and Cultural Highlights

While you’re here in Creswick, take yourself on a journey through the town’s streets. You’ll discover architectural wonders from the Gold Rush era lining those streets in every direction; with each building telling enduring stories of the town’s prosperous history. Notable landmarks include the likes of the:

  • Old Masonic Lodge
  • State Savings Bank
  • Creswick Library, and 
  • the Post Office 

Each one (still) stands tall as a proud reminder of the town's historical grandeur. 

The Creswick Museum, the town’s highly-valued hive of local history and folklore, offers a richly detailed exploration of the town’s past. Together, these architectural and cultural landmarks paint a vivid picture, one that invites visitors to explore the stories and heritage that have sculpted Creswick into the enchanting town that we know and love (and that you soon will too!) 

Sharpen Up Your Golf Swing 

Fancy yourself a bit of a golfing aficionado? Just 4kms out of Creswick, outdoor enthusiasts and golf aficionados find their haven at the RACV Goldfields Resort’s 18-hole golf course. This beautifully landscaped masterpiece was designed by Tony Cashmore, and is a course that both challenges and delights players of all skill levels amidst scenic views. 

If you’re less of a dab hand with the 9 iron and want to try that hand at another outdoor adventure, you’re truly spoiled for choice in the Creswick region. Hiking trails take you through lush forest areas, inviting nature lovers to explore the serene beauty of the region. Don’t forget to have your camera on you! Cycling paths provide another way to enjoy the picturesque surroundings. And of course, just a touch over 20 kilometres away in Ballarat, is the popular Sovereign Hill. 

The town’s relaxed and scenic setting is perfect for those seeking a tranquil escape or an active day out in the great outdoors.

Shopping Bliss at Creswick Woollen Mills

Of course, no stay in Creswick is complete without a visit to the historic Creswick Woollen Mills, the only remaining coloured woollen spinning mill in Australia. 

Plenty To See and Do

Creswick Woollen Mills represents excellence and tradition in textile manufacturing. But it is more than just a store that sells deluxe woollen clothes and homewares. It’s a journey into the essence of Australian wool production and we’re thrilled to invite you along to explore what we do for yourself. 

From the moment you’re greeted by our friendly staff, to the end of your visit, the Creswick Woollen Mill experience is one to remember for the whole family. Immerse yourself completely by:

  • Meet our alpacas and sheep up close and personal. 
  • Learning about the complete journey of our fibres, with our ‘A Very Fine Yarn’ exhibition that explores everything from the shearing and manufacturing processes to how our products end up on the shelves for you to purchase.
  • Taking a tour of the old working machinery.
  • Visiting the alpaca viewing deck.
  • Tasting some of the finest honey.

You can also take photos with our friendly alpacas, and enjoy a hearty, quintessentially Aussie meal at the Creswick Woollen Mills as well. 


Creswick Woollen Mill is located on Railway Parade in Creswick, just 20 minutes’ drive from Ballarat. The township of Creswick is accessible via train or bus from Ballarat, but the mill site itself is not easily accessible via public transport. The township of Creswick is accessible by bus from Ballarat Train
Station. The bus stops close to the Mill in North Creswick with a short walk to the gate.
The Mill site has been designed to be easily accessible all on one level ensuring ease of access. The mill building has a flat concrete floor, and the corridors on the mill tour are wide and easy to navigate. All displays are visual and written in both English and Mandarin, with large fonts to aid readability. Visitors can touch the wool at different stages of production, making the tour sensory. The displays are less than 1 metre tall, and broad mesh fencing allows for good views of the
equipment, regardless of eye height. The retail area is well organised, with multiple level displays. However, the change rooms are not wheelchair accessible.
A cafe is located within the retail area, with ample space and movable
furniture. There is an accessible toilet with side and rear grab rails and a padded backrest available near the main entrance. Outside, visitors can interact with lambs and Aalpacas in the animal feeding area, which is accessible
via ramps and a concrete access path.

A Very Fine Yarn

Experience a slice of Victorian history at the Creswick Woollen Mills. The last of its kind, Creswick Mills is a family-owned and run business with a proud heritage of designing and manufacturing the finest natural fibre textiles since 1947.

Creswick Mills and the Mill Museum are located in the town of Creswick, about an hour and a half 
outside Melbourne and only 20 minutes from beautiful Ballarat. Here you’ll have the opportunity to experience the interactive exhibit entitled ‘A Very Fine Yarn’. This award-winning and educational exhibit will help you discover the history of the Mill, and shares the journey of natural fibres from source, through the production process and on to shop floor. Free self-guided tours are available all day. Then call in at The Mill Shop to experience the luxurious feel and comforting scent of our premium products.


Explore Premium Quality Products

Of course, no visit to Creswick Woollen Mills is complete without taking home some of our finest alpaca and Merino wool products with you. Showcasing our commitment to delivering luxury at its finest, our deluxe product range includes Merino wool blankets, wool homewares, alpaca wool homewares, throws, quilts, clothing and more. Whether intended for wearing or use on mattresses and beds, each item highlights our aim for excellence through sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Come and Say Hi To Our Friendly Team!

Led by Retail Store Manager Cass, our team at Creswick Woollen Mills is passionate about its heritage and the diverse range of high-quality products. Open 7 days a week, we love connecting with customers from all walks of life, and cannot wait for you to come and visit! 

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