Care instructions for Wool and Natural Fibers

The fluff on the surface of your wool item is completely normal. These are loose fibres within the weave that have made their way to the surface of the item. Once on the surface they cling and bunch up into balls of fluff.

To reduce this and for the general upkeep of your natural fibres, we would recommend the following:
Shaking your item or beating the blanket or throw regularly. Pick a dry day with good ventilation and hang the blanket or throw on a line outside, this will help freshen your blanket or throw. It will also help with loose fibres. We recommend running a lint brush/roller or sticky tape around your hand to help remove the loose fibres left on the blanket before you bring it inside. Alternatively, lay the item flat and use a wool comb to remove the loose fibres(this can take time and be a little messy but worth doing.) Once this has been done, we would recommend you iron the blanket or throw on the wool setting to seal in the fibres the heat from the iron will also kill off any dust mites, please check the care label first before doing this as some items are not suitable for ironing.

If you want to wash your item, please check the care label first. Some of our products are dry clean only. Wool will take on around 30% of its weight in water so it can easily misshape unless laid flat to dry. We recommend placing a towel underneath the item and rolling out the excess water before reshaping and lying flat again to dry. If the wool does not completely dry you may notice a wool smell this means the item needs more drying time. Airing the blanket regularly will really help keep your blanket fresher and prolong its life so you can enjoy it for years to come.