Australian Pillows

Everybody looks forward to the end of a long day when you can lay your head on a soft pillow and drift off to sleep. Made with the high-quality, natural fibres that we are known for, our Alpaca pillows are second to none.

Sumptuously soft and offering the perfect level of support to make sure you sleep comfortably all through the night. There’ll be no more tossing and turning because of a pillow that’s too soft or too hard; in fact, with a Creswick Alpaca pillow you’ll find it hard to drag yourself out of the bedroom or home. Our natural pillows are perfect even for people with sensitive skin or allergies – once you’ve experienced a natural pillow you’ll never go back to synthetic alternatives.

You can visit us in one of our four stores in Victoria or shop for Creswick’s luxurious pillows and more woollen homewares through our Creswick webpage.