Enhance Your Bedroom Aesthetics and Comfort with an Alpaca Throw

Seeking a stylish upgrade to the existing design of your bedroom, or perhaps the perfect accessory that becomes a key feature of your living room?  Discover the exciting range of Alpaca throws and blankets from Creswick and add it into your decor for that final flourish that sets the tone.

A high-quality, stylish Alpaca throw is one of the most versatile items in any home. They not only infuse your favourite living space with the splash of colour it might need, but also deliver the cosy warmth you crave during colder evenings. With Creswick Alpaca throws, you can transform your living or bedroom into a space worthy of a display home.

Discover the Benefits of Alpaca Throws

Creswick’s 100% Baby Alpaca throw range offers the ideal balance of comfort and style. So why choose an Alpaca throw over other natural fibres?

One of the major benefits of Alpaca fleece is its semi-hollow structure. It makes your alpaca throw an excellent insulator against the winter chill, yet provides much-needed breathability in warmer conditions. The perfect year-round bedding solution.

Alpaca fibre is very soft as the individual fibres have less scales and minimise the prickle factor. 

Available in a variety of beautiful colours and patterns, Alpaca throws are unexpectedly light. This enables them to provide incredible warmth all while never feeling heavy or suffocating.

But don’t let the lightness fool you; alpaca throws are durable and are better able to withstand natural wear and tear than other options.

For people with sensitive skin or allergies, finding the right throw can often be a bit of trial and error. Thankfully, the natural absence of lanolin in alpaca wool means it’s a hypoallergenic fibre, meaning an alpaca fleece throw is less likely to result in unwanted itchiness or skin irritation.

Explore the Diverse Range of Alpaca Throws Across Australia

Creswick alpaca throws come in a variety of delightful shades and striking, statement-making designs. They are crafted from the finest natural alpaca fibres to enhance your luxury experience. Boasting superior softness against your skin, our throw blankets are the perfect addition to truly improve any home or bedroom interior.

Once you’ve experienced the natural fibres of our Alpaca throws, you won’t go back to synthetic alternatives. Shop our full range of throws online.

Essential Alpaca Throw Care Guidelines

Every Alpaca throw you purchase from Creswick provides enduring comfort and unparalleled softness. But you’ll only maintain that luxurious feel by following the specific care instructions included with your product.

To maintain an Alpaca throw rug or blanket, you should dry clean only, and only use a cool iron if necessary. If you can find a local dry cleaning service provider with specialist experience in alpaca fibre care, that will be your safest option. 

Trust Creswick Alpaca Throws for Premium Quality

If you’re shopping for alpaca throws online, make Creswick your first port of call. Designed and produced in Australia, our alpaca throws are composed of 100% natural fibres. They set the benchmark in comfort and style, are hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin. Boasting a dynamic range of styles and colours to cater to diverse tastes and designs, your choices are genuinely boundless.

Founded in 1947, Creswick has been a proudly Australian Made brand for over 75 years. We’ve continued to exist as a leading designer and manufacturer of bed throws Australia-wide due to our unwavering commitment to quality.

Choose a Creswick Alpaca Throw for The Perfect Gift

Seeking a memorable gift for someone special? An alpaca throw from the Creswick collection isn’t merely a piece of home decor; it's a token of lasting luxury and style. Suitable for birthdays, weddings, and special events, our selection of alpaca throws become gifts that will be truly cherished.

Every Creswick alpaca throw is packaged immaculately to become a wonderful ready-to-gift item that shows your thoughtfulness. Move beyond flowers and gift cards - now is the time to give the gift of long-lasting comfort and luxury with a Creswick alpaca throw.

Shop Online or In-Store Today!

Alpaca throws are a lavish and lustrous addition to any bedroom or living room, and leave any living space awash with warmth, cosiness, and just a splash of opulence. Light yet durable, these throws offer numerous advantages, making them an ideal choice for those seeking quality. Whether you’re adding to your own home or buying for a loved one, Creswick is your go-to destination for the finest throws online.

You can easily shop for our luxurious throws both in-store and online. With a hassle-free returns policy and FREE shipping for orders over $150, Creswick makes finding comfort a breeze.