Wool Accessories

Our array of fashionable, elegant wool accessories will brighten up your outfit and make your clothes pop.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for someone special, you will find the perfect wool accessory at Creswick. Made using high-quality, natural fibres like possum, alpaca, lambswool, cotton and linen, our accessories reflect the quality that our reputation is built on.

You can purchase our woollen accessories such as gloves and shawls online or by visiting a store.

Clothing Accessories

Our clothing accessories add a chic finishing touch to any outfit - including Melbourne designed scarves, beanies & hats that will turn heads wherever you go. Or, if you’re staying in, our socks, booties and slippers provide a comfort that is second to none – your feet won’t believe they can be so snug.

Made with the luxurious, natural fibres that Creswick is known for, our wool accessories are made from alpaca, cashmere, lambswool, Merino wool, possum, rabbit, silk, or wool, offering the softness and durability that only comes from natural fibres.


If you’re looking for gifts, or perhaps something to spoil yourself, look at our Thurlby collection of clothing protectors, heat packs and soaps. Produced at Thurlby Herb Farm, in Walpole, WA, the scent from the unique blend of herbs will rejuvenate your home and your spirit.


To win over the little ones, try our range of Australian native cuddly animals – choose from a platypus, kangaroo, or wombat to surprise and delight children and adults alike. These soft and snuggly toys will make the perfect playtime friend and an adorable addition to the family.


If you like what you see, purchasing our wool accessories online through our Creswick webpage is easy - or you can purchase in-store. Use our store locator to find a store near you.