Spread The Warmth Of A Blanket

Spread The Warmth Of A Blanket

Australians are under pressure this winter with huge increase in cost of living. Millions of Australians are unable to heat there homes and are seeking warmth through clothing and Blankets.


Creswick Woollen Mills Annual Blanket Drive is a non-profit initiative, established in 1996, created by the late founder and Chairman of Creswick Woollen Mills, Paul Ryzowy and his grandchildren Boaz and Sharon as a way to give back to the community.

The demand from relief agencies for blankets in 2023 is the highest on record with vulnerable Australians seeking assistance.

Creswick Woollen Mills in partnership with Australian non-for-profit organisations have distributed over $1,000,000 of blankets over recent years, providing the protective warmth of a blanket to people experiencing hardship and homelessness across Australia.


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