Founding Father of Creswick Wollen Mills - Paul Ryzowy

Founding Father of Creswick Wollen Mills - Paul Ryzowy

Step into the world of Creswick Woolen Mills, a place filled with stories woven into every thread and history stitched into every blanket. Established by the founder, Paul Ryzowy back in 1947. Creswick Woolen Mills has passed down a heritage of warmth, coziness, and community through the years.


Paul Ryzowy was born in 1912 in Poland, a country set in traditions. When he was 27 and studying in Warsaw the shadows of war descended as the Germans invaded in 1939. Seeking safety from the chaos Paul sought refuge in Japan embarking on a journey, aboard a cattle ship. Little did he realize that this marked the beginning of a chapter.

During the turmoil of war, Paul sought refuge in Shanghai, where he worked hard alongside others to make a living. Despite the circumstances Paul's resilience never wavered, serving as a beacon of hope, in times.

With the war behind him, Paul set his sights on Australia, a land of promise and opportunity. On October 1st, 1947 he established Creswick Woolen Mills, known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Starting with blankets made from recycled wool, Creswick Woolen Mills quickly adapted to new trends by embracing innovation and expanding its offerings. The introduction of electric blanket fabric in the 1950s marked a milestone for Creswick Woolen Mills. Paved the way for its continued success, over the years.

By the 1960s, Creswick Woolen Mills had become more than just a manufacturer. Paul Ryzowy was setting trends, providing fabric for blazers and skirts, and adorning the busy lanes of Flinders Lane with its unique creations.

As the years passed, Creswick Woolen Mills persisted in its dedication to the community. Paul Ryzowy provided over 5,000 blankets to the cold and needy which is evidence of Paul's ongoing legacy of kindness and giving represented tangible philanthropy.

Every Creswick Woolen Mills blanket represents a story of creativity and resourcefulness. Creswick Woolen Mills has consistently pushed the envelope of what is possible, starting with the 2003 acquisition of the Billabong company and continuing with the creation of CFA fire blankets and world exclusive Alpaca Blankets. These achievement's were all made prior to Paul Ryzowy's passing in 2008 at the amazing age of 96 years old.

The secret to Creswick Woolen Mills success is its commitment to using only natural fibers, each selected for its special qualities and unmatched comfort. The classic allure of Mother Nature's abundance is demonstrated by CWM's products, which combine the opulent softness of cashmere with the cozy warmth of alpaca.

Paul Ryzowy's expertise in each stage of the process is what really sets Creswick Woolen Mills blankets apart, not simply the fibers. Every step of the process, from blending and carding to spinning and weaving, demonstrates Creswick Woolen Mills unrelenting dedication to excellence. We are reminded of the many hours of love and labor that went into creating the final product as we look at it. Every stage, from the blanket room to the last cut and finish, demonstrates CWM's commitment to quality.

In a world where things are changing all the time, Creswick Woolen Mills is a shining example of tradition and classic style. Each blanket tells a tale of coziness, warmth, and camaraderie, serving as a reminder that some things never go out of style.

Thus, the next time you cuddle up with a Creswick Woolen Mills blanket, stop and consider the path that led to its delivery to your home. Paul Ryzowy's legacy spanning generations may be found beneath every blanket and a tale behind every thread.

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