Why Choose Alpaca Quilts?

Why Choose Alpaca Quilts?

Are Alpaca Quilts good?

Alpaca quilts are cozy bedding options gaining popularity for their softness and comfort. Creswick Woolen Mills offers superior Australian made alpaca quilts that promise a great night's sleep.

Creswick Woolen Mills has established itself as a reputable provider of premium-quality quilts. With a legacy spanning over 70 years, this Australian-based company prides itself on its dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Creswick Woolen Mills alpaca quilts are crafted using the finest alpaca fiber, meticulously sourced and processed to ensure optimal softness and durability. Each quilt is expertly constructed to provide extra loft and insulation, ensuring a cozy and enveloping sleep experience.

Here's why they're worth considering:

Comfy creating enhanced relaxation: Alpaca fiber is super soft, making these quilts comfy against your skin like you're sleeping in a cloud.

All-Weather Comfort: They keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, thanks to alpaca semi-hollow fiber's natural temperature regulation.

No More Allergies: Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies, free from lanoline found in sheep's wool.

Stay Dry and Fresh: These quilts wick away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Quality You Can Trust: Creswick Woolen Mill's quilts are made with the finest alpaca fiber, ensuring durability and long-lasting comfort.

Taking care of your alpaca doonas is essential to maintain their warmth and softness over time. With a little fresh air, these luxurious bedding items, made from premium alpaca fleece, will stay cozy for years to come. Regularly air out your alpaca Quilts in the shade.

Eco-Friendly: Creswick Woolen Mills is committed to sustainability, using ethically sourced materials and eco-conscious practices.

Happy Customers: Australians love these quilts for their luxurious feel and unbeatable comfort. Plus, Creswick Woolen Mill's provides excellent customer service and prompt reliable delivery.

In short, if you want a cozy, sustainable, and top-quality bedding option, Creswick Woolen Mills Alpaca quilts are the way to go. 


Are quilts and doonas the same thing?

In Australia we are famous for our quilts and doonas, Creswick Alpaca Quilts also known as doonas by some of our loyal customers.

They both offer warmth and comfort through their construction and materials, meeting the needs and preferences of each individual.


Are quilts warm?

Because of their legendary warmth and coziness, quilts are beloved companions on chilly nights and leisurely mornings. Quilts, which are made of layers of fabric and frequently filled with insulating materials like wool, cotton, or down, offer superior thermal insulation to keep sleepers cozy and comfortable all night long. Even distribution of warmth is ensured by the materials and construction of quilts, which trap body heat in pockets of air without feeling unduly heavy or constricting. A timeless embrace of warmth and comfort, quilts can be wrapped around oneself, draped over a bed, or couch to promote moments of calm and relaxation.

Creswick Alpaca quilts offer warmth at a lighter weight.


Are Alpaca quilts good for summer?

Because of the special qualities of alpaca wool, alpaca quilts make great summer bedding options. Alpaca fibers are renowned for their remarkable ability to wick away moisture, feel lightweight, and breathe easily, which makes them perfect for controlling body temperature in warmer climates. Alpaca quilts offer the ideal amount of ventilation and insulation to keep sleepers cool on sweltering summer nights. These quilts are also appropriate for people with allergies or sensitive skin due to the inherent hypoallergenic qualities of alpaca wool. Even in the sweltering summer, alpaca quilts provide a plush and comfortable sleeping experience because of their exquisite softness and capacity to adjust to shifting temperatures. 

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