Underblankets and Mattress Protectors

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what makes some beds so much comfier than others, the secret is high-quality mattress underlays. Our premium quality bed underlays are made with natural fibres that will feel soft and luxurious under your sheets.

Creswick’s wool underblanket is made with our signature care and consideration; we have chosen the finest wool to make sure your underblanket is second to none. Our bed underlays have been designed to give the perfect level of support, so you’ll get a restful night’s sleep every night.

The exceptional qualities of our natural fibres mean that a Creswick wool underblanket is moisture absorbent and breathable, making our bed underlays comfortable all year round. The durability of our high-quality wool also makes these bedroom essentials easy to care for. You’ll find yourself so comfortable you won’t want to leave your bed.

You can purchase our mattress underlays online or in-store.